Changing subdomain for migration

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015 08:33AM PST

If you are migrating your account from IDX Broker Original to Platinum or Lite, you may have been asked if you want to establish a new Custom Subdomain. Below are some more details about the reason why this process is important to migration and how to employ it to the best result.

Why should I change my custom subdomain?

The Background:
The Custom Subdomain on your account gives your domain credit for all the indexed IDX pages. If your account has been open for awhile, you have a significant number of pages crawled and indexed by search engines. When you change the URL of any of those pages crawlers come back and can't find the pages they've seen before, so they assume they're gone. The crawlers will find new pages in their place, but brand new pages are ranked lower since they're not as "established" as the other long-standing content they saw before.

When you migrate to Platinum, your links will change and that could potentially cause a drop in your ranking. We incorporate 301 Redirects into the migration process. These redirects point web crawlers to where the previously indexed page can now be found. It's a bridge that preserves your page ranking. It also prevents the older links from showing anyone a 404 Error if they happen to visit an old bookmarked link.

Cut To the Chase:
If you have a Custom Subdomain setup on your Original account, we will set up 301 redirects to point those links to the new location for your Platinum links, and we can't point these links back at themselves. This is why you will need to change the Custom Subdomain on your account to use a different word on the front. Just like when you set it up before, it can be any word you want.

I didn't have a Custom Subdomain on my Original account, do I still need to set one up?

If you didn't have a Custom Subdomain on your Original account but think you might like one, migration is a great time to set it up. In addition to the benefits of having the Custom Subdomain, here's the reason to do it at the time of migration: if you migrate your account into the Standard IDX Subdomain ( this is where we will point the 301 Redirects. If you decide to set up the Custom Subdomain after migration the 301 redirects will no longer function, since they will be pointing to the wrong location for your IDX links.

How do I set up the new Custom Subdomain?

If you have not set up a custom subdomain before, see this article for full instructions. If you have one in place on your Original account, then the process is pretty much the same. The only difference is the CNAME record will point to instead of

Very Important:

Do NOT delete or remove the original CNAME record for your Original Custom Subdomain. This needs to remain in place for the 301 redirects to successfully point the Original links to your new ones.

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