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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2015 12:01PM PDT

If you currently subscribe to IDX Broker Original, you have the opportunity to migrate to IDX Broker Lite or to IDX Broker Platinum. If you have not already read our Migration FAQ, please do so now so that you have a full understanding of what is, and is not, possible when migrating your details from IDX Broker Original to IDX Broker Lite.

Step 0 - Consider the Details

Migrating to Lite is very much like moving to a different IDX vendor. It will require you to recreate some settings like lead registration preferences, learn a new interface, and replace links and widgets in your website.

The majority of links are ported over without issue, however we cannot guarantee that all migrated Saved Links will work as expected without some modification. If you have not already read our Migration FAQ, please do so now so that you face few surprises.

Migration is a one way process. Once we initiate migration of the data to Lite, there is no way for us to recreate the settings in your Original account.

Step 1 - Choosing Your IDX Subdomain: Custom or Standard

Once migrated, we will create 301 Redirects to send your IDX Broker Original default search and Custom Links to your new Lite links. See this article for more information about 301 redirects. In simple terms, the redirects will help maintain your ranking in search engines by pointing your old links to your new Lite ones, so that any custom and search links remain indexed, but with the new URL path.

Due to the nature of the redirects, it is very important that we point your old links to the correct new URL in Lite, and your IDX URLs can change if you want to include a custom subdomain. Hence why we're asking you for this information before you sign up for Migration.

This article will describe more about choosing a new Custom Subdomain, whether you have one in place on Original or not.

You can, of course choose to not set up a Custom Subdomain and continue using the Standard IDX Subdomain on your new account. This will include our domain, "idxbroker.com" in all your IDX links.

Step 2 - Submit The Migration Request Form

While logged in to your IDX Broker account, visit this link http://idxco.com/mgmt/migrationQueue.php. You must be logged in to your account or this link will not take you to the Migration form.

If you choose a new Custom Subdomain, select "yes" on the Migration request form and provide us with your desired new Custom Subdomain. If you choose to stick with the Standard IDX Subdomain select "no" on the Migration request form and leave the Custom Subdomain box empty.

Make sure that you choose the correct product for the features and price point that you would like.

Migration Form

Step 3 - While Awaiting Your New Activation

Please allow some time for us to run this migration tool and process your new account. The amount of time it will take to get your activation is dependent on the length of the queue, as we process these requests in the order they are received.

Do NOT create any new Saved Links after submitting your migration request. All your Saved Links were copied over when you submitted the request. Any Links you create after this in your Original account will NOT get copied over into the new account and you will need to recreate them manually in the new Control Panel.
Do NOT create any new Supplemental Listings after submitting your migration request. All your Supplemental Listings were copied over when you submitted the request. Any listings you create after this in your Original account will NOT get copied over into the new account and you will need to recreate them manually in the new Control Panel.

Do NOT delete your old CNAME record for your previous Custom Subdomain. It is essential that that CNAME record remain intact so that the 301 redirects can function properly.

Do review our Knowledgebase and the articles regarding your new Control Panel so that you can be ready and up to speed as soon as your activation arrives.


Note: Since all your existing leads are copied over when you submit the migration request, any new leads that are captured after you submit are not transferred over to the new account. These new leads will need to be input manually after you receive your activation email.

Step 4 - The Migration Period

You will know when your new Lite account is ready when you receive an email from us with your new login information. This begins the Migration Period, a month where both of your IDX accounts, the Original and the Lite, will be active simultaneously. This prevents downtime on your website by allowing you the time necessary to update any links on your website that currently point to the old Original pages.

Step 5 - Updating Your IDX Links

Anywhere on your website that currently links to an IDX page will need to have that link updated. The new URL paths for Lite are shorter and more SEO friendly. Any links that still exist on your site after the end of your Migration Period will likely not function anymore and result in 404(missing) error pages. To prevent this, check all the pages on your site for links to IDX content and update all the URLs to the new Lite versions. We will attempt to redirect some of your Original platform links to the closest Lite equivalent after you migrate (this is in addition to the 301 redirects setup specifically for your account). Details page links, standard Results links, Browse by City, and Sitemap links are among those that CANNOT be redirected to Lite equivalents, and will instead redirect to your homepage.

Note: It's best to address your new Lite account links as soon as you receive your activation. 

Please also note that, due to a difference in the way the two platforms treat property types, some saved results links may not return the same number of results that they did on the Original platform. If we can detect that you are searching a property type that is divided into multiple property types on Lite, you may see duplicates created. For example, if your MLS sends "residential" and "condo" as two separate classes, these would have been combined on the Original platform, so your migrated version of this link would have one link for residential, and one link for condos.

Step 6 - Recreate Your Widgets

If you were using any widgets on your Original account, these will need to be recreated and new widget code generated and placed in your site. Widgets were not saved in your IDX Original account and so could not be migrated. See this article for more information about your new widgets. Simply replace the old script that was output by your Original account with the new script from your Lite control panel and the widgets will continue to function properly.

Step 7 - Choose New Page Layouts

IDX Broker Lite includes some new designs for your IDX page templates. Since custom CSS is one of the things that cannot be migrated, you may need to recreate any styling in the new Custom CSS section. Before you recreate exactly what you had before, check out some of the newer more modern designs available to you in Lite; you might find something you like better than what you had before. See this article for more information about the new page Layouts.

Step 8 - Closing Your IDX Broker Original Account

This last step will happen automatically at the end of your 30 day Migration Period. Your billing should now be controlled by your Lite account so this cancellation will have no effect on your billing amount or date. When the Original account shuts down, any links on your site still using those old URLs will no longer function and the MyAgent IDX iPhone application will no longer be available. This will also be when email updates stop going out to leads from the Original platform and instead begin going out from Lite.

Congratulations! Your new IDX Broker account is now setup and fully functional. You are now taking advantage of the newest and most robust platform provided by IDX Broker.

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