Manage City List

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2015 10:35AM PDT

You can manage any lists you have previous saved by clicking Manage in the City/County/Postal Code Lists drop-down menu.

Manage List

Here you can choose an existing list to add, remove, or re-order any current items.

Step 1 - Choose which list to edit

Choose to edit a Dynamic list that is provided from your MLS or a Custom list that you have already created.

  • Dynamic MLS Lists contain all cities presently in the MLS data feed. Editing a Dynamic MLS List is handy if there are only a few cities in the MLS you want to remove from your search pages. The rest of the list will remain dynamic and continue to display only cities that have currently active listings.

Step 2 - Edit your list

All items displayed in the current list will appear in the box on the left. You can remove any items from the list by clicking the checkboxes next to each item and clicking Remove Selected. Use the tools on the right to add items to your list. Type an item into the Add List Item box to add items to your list one at a time. Or, click the checkboxes next to items in the Previously Removed box, and click Restore Selected to add them back to your list.

Custom List Edit

When you are finished editing your list, click the blue button at the bottom of the screen, indicating "Take Me Back to List Management".

To apply this list to individual search pages, please read this article about customizing your basic search.

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