GreatSchools Integration

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 12:19PM PDT
Give your visitors more by offering a powerful school search experience with more search parameters and an easy-to-use map based interface.

NOTE: GreatSchools is only available for IDX Broker clients in the United States.

To enable or disable this feature, just log in to your IDX Broker account and navigate to Preferences --> Global Preferences, and select the Details tab.
detail navigation
Simply use the toggle within your dashboard to enable GreatSchools.
great schools toggle

Check your front end details page. School data is displayed under Area Info and will look similar to below.

NOTE: GreatSchools looks best with the WalkScore feature enabled.

If school data is not displayed you will need to update your template version. To update the template for your Detail pages, view this article.

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