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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019 02:01PM PDT

In IDX Broker, the Off Market Listings page shows all of the featured properties that have gone into an inactive status. This could include listings that are sold or pending, canceled, expired, etc. In some cases these cannot be displayed with active listings (according to MLS rules), but are available to you for reference or display on your Sold / Pending Listings page.

To view your off market listings, click Listings in the main menu, and Off Market in the submenu.



This page allows you to view and edit your off market listings. If we do not receive sold and pending listing data from the MLS, we will not know the actual status of the listing (sold or pending vs. canceled, withdrawn, expired, or other inactive statuses) so they will initially be listed with a status of "Unknown". You can click on this status to change it to the appropriate status for that listing.

Unknown status

A pop-up box will present the options for the actual Status of the listing. You can also enter the Sold Date and Sold Price if the listing was sold for something other than what it was last listed.

Edit Status

These updated listings will now appear on your Sold/Pending listings page. They will also be available to display on your IDX pages.

Updated listing


  • IDX Broker begins archiving listing data as of the first day that Featured IDs are added to your account. This page will not contain any listings that were sold or taken off the market prior to that date. Off market listings with an "unknown" status will display here for 60 days before expiring. It is recommended that you log in periodically and update the status of any archived listing that you would like to keep in your account to prevent expiration.

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