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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019 02:36PM PDT

To customize the default settings for some miscellaneous utilities and features in IDX Broker, click Design in the main menu, Settings in the submenu, then Global. From there, click Other in the list of tabs.



Here, you have the following options:

Logo Information

Adding a custom logo here will make it display in place of the MLS logo for your own listings on search results pages.

You can specify the URL to an image hosted anywhere on the Internet. Or if you prefer to upload a logo from your computer you can select "Upload a photo".

 Upload Logo

Note: Logos will look and fit best if they are 100 pixels wide and 50 pixels tall.

You can also upload a custom placeholder image for listings that do not have any photos provided by the MLS. Either specify a link URL to your placeholder photo, or upload one from your computer. In either case, the image will fit best at 400 pixels wide by 300 tall.


Lead Management Settings

Here you can define how long a lead is still considered "new", in terms of days. Also, you can choose to have your Lead management screen (Leads -> Manage) show all your leads or only the "new" ones.

Roster Page

If you have an Office Account, you can choose to display an agent search box at the top of your Roster Page. This allows your site visitors to easily locate a specific agent they would like to contact. This is especially handy for Offices of 50 agents or more.


Choose which city and county list you would like to display on your IDX Sitemap (available in your Page Links). You can also choose to display the full state name along with the cities and counties, or the state abbreviation.

Search By City

Choose which city list you would like to display on your Search By City IDX page (available in your Page Links). You can also select which price increment our system will use to break out your Search By City links.

Email Notification

Use the three preferences here to choose which system notifications you would like to receive via email.

Timezone Settings

Choose your time zone. All timestamps for leads and notifications will be displayed in the time zone of your choice.

Global Design Settings

Here you can customize the default preferences for your IDX page design.

  • Design Width - Define the width of the main content area where the IDX tools will go on your website. This Design Width makes sure the layout of your IDX tools fits within your website content area. This should be pre-defined for you based on your website when you first signed up with IDX Broker, so you will only need to update this if your website design changes.
  • Widget Link/Form Target - You can set a link target for all of your IDX widgets and forms.

Mortgage Calculator Settings

  • Default Price - The mortgage calculator will be pre-filled with this price by default. You may want to set this to the average price of a property your customers would buy.
  • Down Payment - The mortgage calculator will be pre-filled with this down payment amount by default. Fill in an appropriate down payment amount here.
  • Down Payment Type - Choose whether you would like to calculate the down payment in dollars or a percentage of the price of the property.
  • Interest Rate - Choose the default interest rate percentage.
  • Years - Specify the length of the mortgage in years.
  • Show Amortization - Set the mortgage calculator to show amortization by setting this option to Yes.


When you are done customizing all of your options, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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