Sold and Pending Listings

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017 08:47AM PDT

In IDX Broker, the Sold Pending listings page displays all of the properties with a status of sold or pending for which the account holder was the listing agent. In some cases these cannot be displayed with active listings (according to MLS rules), but are available for you to reference or display on your Sold Pending listings page.

To view your sold and pending listings, click Listings in the main menu, and Sold Pending in the submenu.

Sold/Pending navigation

This page allows you to view and edit your sold and pending listings. If we receive sold data from your MLS, you will see the appropriate status displayed for each property, automatically. If we do not receive sold and pending listing data from the MLS, we will not know the actual status of the listing (sold or pending vs. canceled, withdrawn, expired, or other inactive statuses) so they will initially be shown on your Off Market page. Please visit that page to provide the correct status for off market listings to show here on the sold/pending page.

To edit information about a sold listing, click the edit icon next to your listing.

edit sold

A new page will present the options for editing the listing data. If the original listing price doesn't match the actual sold price or there are additional changes you want applied, you can change those here.

Edit Listing

These updated listings will now appear on your Sold/Pending gallery link in your IDX page links, unless you select No on the dropdown to "Display On Sold/Pending Page".

Updated listing


  • If you have sold data turned on in your account, you will need to select the status of 'sold' in a search to see these properties in your results.

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