MLS Restricting Agent Name and ID

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019 02:04PM PDT

On the extremely rare occasion that your MLS does not provide Agent IDs or Agent Names along with its listings, we cannot provide Featured Listings in the normal way. There are however, some alternatives that we will outline here. If you have any questions about these, please contact our Support Team.

Known MLS that do NOT provide Agent ID or Agent Name in their IDX data:

What Does This Mean?

Your Featured Properties page is powered by matching your Agent ID number to the listings in the data from your MLS. If we have no Agent ID numbers or Agent Names, then we have no way of knowing which listings are yours.

This also relates to your Sold/Pending listings. Since the system doesn't know which listings are yours, it can't keep track of their status and move them to the Sold & Pending section when they go inactive.

Syndication from our system to other websites is also unavailable since we do not know which listings to send out to them.

If you have an Office Account this also means that we cannot pull out your Agent's listings for display on their individual Bio pages. Additionally, the system will not be able to route leads to them when someone "requests info" on one of their listings.


Alternatives for Single Agent Accounts:

Create a Featured Properties Page By Hand

  • You can manually create a Featured Properties page for your own listings by making a Saved Link from the Listing ID search page and specifying all the Listing IDs of your own listings. A Saved Link will give you a unique customizable URL and it will display only the properties that you select, but it will need to be manually updated and IDs added when new properties are listed. See this article for more information on how to create a Saved Link.
  • Seed your listings with a keyword/phrase, like your own name, in the description. Then you can build a Saved Link that searches through all listings for any with your name in the description. You can do this by adding the 'Remarks' box into your Search layout as a "keyword" type search box. Just add your keyword/phrase in this box to find the listings that match. This method will keep the page updated for you, as long as all your listings have your keyword (spelled exactly the same way every time) in them.
    NOTE: Please review your specific MLS rules before attempting this workaround, as some MLS strictly forbid adding personal information in the remarks field.
  • Recreate your listings as Supplemental listings in your IDX Control Panel. There is already a pre-built page to display all your Supplemental listings which can be found under Design -> Website -> Page Templates. Supplemental listings are returned in standard searches with the rest of the MLS listings. Since they are not populated by the MLS data however, they will need to be updated manually for any changes in the listing, ie. status, new photos, price changes, etc.

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