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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 03:16PM PDT
This article focuses on a Platinum-only feature.

If you would like to exclude certain types of listings from appearing on your website, you can do so with your IDX Broker Control Panel. This is useful if you specialize in a particular type of property and you want to limit the listings that appear to just those.

First log in to your IDX control panel and navigate to Preferences -> MLS Settings.

Select the Property Types tab. On this page is a list of the property types available from your MLS. If you have more than one MLS in your account, select them from the "Working on" drop-down box above the table.

Hiding a Property Type

To hide a property type, simply uncheck the box in the "Visible" column for the type to exclude from your website. For example, if you uncheck the "Commercial" type, your visitors will not see it as an available option to search for on your Search pages, and no Commercial type listings will ever be returned in any kind of search. Visibility off is like disabling the property type in the system as if it doesn't exist. it removes the property type completely throughout the application.

Hiding a Property Subtype

If you wish to hide a subtype within one of your main Property types, you can do so by clicking the Expand icon  next to the Property type where you want to edit subtypes. When subtypes are shown, they may look like this (depending on the subtypes offered by your MLS):

Simply uncheck the box next to any Property subtype you do not wish to have appear in your Searches. Remember you may have different subtypes available in each Property type, so check each of them to include your desired selections. Also, if you have more than one MLS in your account you can see the property types of each by selecting them from the "Working on" drop-down box above the table. 
Remove any property subtype from all search pages makes the value not display as a searchable value. If no prop subtypes are added, then their dynamic list of sub types are added to the results search keeping the unwanted sub type out of the results. But, you can still specifically search by the unchecked subtype or view the details page of it.

All your changes are Saved automatically when you check or uncheck any box.

Hiding a Property Status

If you wish to only show properties with a specific status on your Advanced Search page, you may do so by selecting the Expand icon  next to the property type in the Core Fields column. Below the subtypes you will see the property statuses. The statuses may appear like this (depending on the data provided by your MLS):

Hide Status

Deselect each status that you would like to be unavailable to search within this property type. Each property type may have different status types available.

All changes are saved automatically upon selection of a check box.


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