Enable Sold Listings

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2017 10:48AM PDT

Find the Upgrade Center

If we have sold data available from your MLS, you can upgrade your account to enable this data to be listed on your website. First navigate to Account --> Upgrade Center.

Accounts with sold data available from their MLS will have three tabs on this page. The first is the default tab that allows you to change to and from Platinum and Lite account types. The second tab controls the amount of users with access to the account. The third tab activates sold data on this account.

upgrade tabs

Select the third tab. Here you will see any existing sold data active in your account and the available MLS's.
add sold data

Add Sold Data

  1. Select the available MLS from which you would like to pull sold data.
  2. Click the check-box to agree to the new charges.
  3. Click Submit Now.

Congratulations on adding sold listings to your IDX Broker search. Please read more information about how to utilize your sold data.

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