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Last Updated: Feb 02, 2018 11:07AM PST

You can view a list of all page hits under Home --> Traffic Stats.

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The Traffic tab will list the date and time, IP address of the visitor, the page viewed, the lead name if the visitor is a logged in lead, and the referring URL (if applicable).

Raw Traffic

The page hits shown here refer to hits, not unique visitors, so there can be multiple hits recorded for a single visitor and IP address. The traffic recorded here may also differ slightly from traffic recorded by any other third-party tracking tools you use, due to the types of traffic recorded.

The Lead Name column displays the name of the lead if the visitor happened to be logged into your site. Otherwise, this column displays N/A. You can view any lead's details by going to, replacing XX with the ID you want.

The Referrer column shows the page the visitor was on previously. Sometimes this will be another IDX page or a page on your website, at other times it can help you determine when someone got to your site through a search engine, craigslist posting, etc.

Hits Total

This simply displays a list of recently accessed pages, the total number of times that each has been viewed, and the dates of the first and last time each page was accessed.

Not Found

This tab lists out any 404 (page not found) errors that have occurred on your IDX pages. The Page column shows the URL or filename that was called but could not be found, and the Referrer column shows the page that called it. This can be useful in determining if any of the supporting files being called from your wrapper (like images or stylesheets) are missing or incorrect.


The archive tab allows you to download monthly data in a csv file. This can be helpful to export your traffic data for analysis. A csv file can be easily viewed in a spreadsheet software like MS Excel.


  • Please note that leads clicking on a property update email may not record their traffic if they are not logged into their My Listings Manager account.

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