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Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017 10:16AM PST

For the newest version of this tool, please see My Listings Manager.

My Account Console is a built-in tool included with your IDX Broker account that allows your website visitors to sign-up as leads, save searches and properties, and receive updates based on their interests. They can then return to your site to review or update their saved content and contact information.
Your website visitors can create an account with My Account Console by clicking to save a search or save a property on the IDX Results and Details pages; however, there are other pages that can make it easier for your visitors to sign up for new accounts or login to their existing account. These are called User Pages.

My Account Console User Pages

The User Pages can be found in the IDX Control Panel by navigating to Designs -> Pages and then scrolling to the User Pages section in the page list.
Note: These pages can be customized using CSS and Sub-headers just like other IDX Pages.

Design Pages Navigation

Scroll down to the User Pages section:

User Pages

User Signup

The User Signup page is an easy to use form for your website visitors to sign up as a lead for access to My Account Console. The form on the page is set to collect first name, last name, and email address by default and can be customized in your advanced lead registration settings to collect the information you consider pertinent.

User Login

The User Login page provides leads who have already signed up for My Account Console to login to the system to review their settings and saved content. 

The Lead Login Widget does the exact same thing as the User Login page, but can be placed as a small form in your sidebar. See your Widgets section under the Designs button, or this article, for more information.

My Account

If the visitor is logged into My Account Console the My Account page link will take them back to the My Account Console interface. If they are not logged in it will direct the visitor to the User Login page.

Note: It is recommended that your Lead Registration settings and rules be set before placing these links on your site.

Email Updates Signup

The Email Updates Signup page is in your Search Pages section, near the top of the list on the Pages screen. This page does a few things at the same time for your customers. This is essentially a Search page with Step-by-Step instructions for creating and saving a search, as well as creating a login for a new account. If your visitor completes the two steps in this page, that visitor will have a new account, with a Saved Search, ready to start receiving Email Updates as soon as the email address is verified.

My Account Console Interface

When your leads sign into My Account Console, they will be presented with a menu of options that allows them to access their saved searches and properties, edit contact information, and change their email update settings. 
My Listing Manager Interface

Saved searches and saved properties are separated so your leads and easily select which one they wish to review.
The Saved Searches section will provide basic information to the lead on their saved search criteria and provide them with links to listings that match the criteria for the current day, the last 7 days, and all the current listings available in your IDX feed.


View My Account Information allows your leads to update their contact information, including email address, password, and email update preferences. An additional email address may be added here so that updates may be sent to multiple addresses. If you require the use of a password, the password may be changed here as well.

Email auto login

Auto Login

One feature that may save time for your leads is the enabling of Email Update Auto Login. This feature can be enabled under View My Account Information in My Account Console.
When enabled, a lead will be automatically logged into My Account Console on your website when they click on a property link in an email update. This allows them to save and view properties/searches without having to remember their login credentials. However, if they wish to update any information the lead will need to complete the full login. 

Of course, you may view all information for all of your leads in your Control Panel under the Leads button in Manage Leads.

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