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Last Updated: Apr 09, 2015 01:39PM PDT

Including a video in the subheader of a Saved Link can be a great way to showcase the area or properties you are highlighting in that link. Youtube videos can be embedded into any subheader and you do not need to have a Youtube account.

(Note: Because Youtube updates their interface regularly, their menu may not match these images exactly.)


First, find the video on Youtube.com that you would like to embed into your Sub-header. Below the video you will find some links, locate the link for "Share".Share video

In the Share menu look for the link to "Embed".

Youtube Embed

There are some size settings, as well as whether or not to include the Playlist. When you have chosen the settings for how you want to embed the video, copy the code out of the box. You may wish to save this in a text file or Word document while you complete the next steps.

In your IDX Control Panel, find the Saved Link where you wish to add the video. There are two places to edit subheaders on Saved Links.

  1. Navigate to your Saved Links first and then click the edit icon next to the one you want, then click on the Preferences tab.
  2. Click on Subheaders from under the Designs menu and select the "Saved Links" tab. Then choose the saved link you want to edit from the menu on the left.

Once you have found the subheader editor for your saved link, click the button Turn WYSIWYG Off. You are now editing your subheader in HTML mode. Paste the code that you got from Youtube into this box, where you would like it to appear.Editor

Save your changes without turning the WYSIWYG editor back on. Turning the WYSIWYG editor on will remove your Youtube code and you'll need to paste it in again.

Preview your link to make sure the video has embedded correctly.

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