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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 10:58AM PDT

Your Saved Link Management screen displays useful information about the Saved Links you have created. You can review your Saved Links by clicking on the Designs button, going to Saved Links and then Manage.

On this screen you will see all the Saved Links you have created so far. If you have not created any yet, the table will be empty. See this article for how to create Saved Links. The table shows the name of each link, what type of saved link it is, when it was created, and how many total views it has received. You can Sort the table by clicking on the column headers for "Name", "Type", "Created", and "Views". 

When you expand the row you will see additional information about the saved link.

The Wrapper/CSS/Subheader Info section shows whether you are currently using the Global, Category, or Page level customization for the wrapper, CSS, and Subheader on this link.

In the example above, the link called "Valley New Construction" is using the Global Wrapper, it has just the basic Global CSS applied to it, but it has a unique Subheader created just for it. You can create unique "page level" Subheaders for each individual Saved Link.

Duplicate Saved Link

To eliminate the tedious process of recreating links with the same criteria, you can duplicate a saved link and then edit it to adjust a setting or two.

duplicate saved link

This can be particularly time saving for Platinum customers using polygon searches to define a specific block or neighborhood.

Set Lead Registration Preferences

The Lead Registration Preferences section shows if there are unique preferences set for Lead capture on this page. A Saved Link is a type of Results Page and will be affected by your Global Lead Registration Preferences for Results Pages, unless you give it some unique settings. 

See this article for more information about setting your Global Lead Registration Preferences.

You can set unique Lead Registration Preferences for the Saved Link by editing the link with the Edit tool  and clicking the Lead Registration tab.

saved link registration

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