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Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017 10:00AM PDT

The Radius tool allows for the creation of Saved Links that show results located within a defined radius. This tool lets you draw a circle on the map to outline a search area. The only listings returned in this Saved Link will be within the outlined area.

To create this type of Saved Link with the Radius search tool, click on Preferences in the main menu, Saved Links in the submenu, and then click Create in the drop-down menu.

Saved link Navigation

Step 1 - Choose Polygon

From the drop-down, choose Standard Results under the Polygon option. Then click "Next Step".Polygon Search

Step 2 - Draw Your Shape

You will see a map with controls on the left. To start drawing your shape click on the Radius Tool Radius Icon. Select the center of the area you want and drag out for the desired radius. NOTE: There will not be property markers on this preview map.Map Radius

If you would like to edit the location of your area you can do so with the Edit Tool Edit icon . When you click the Edit Tool, the existing circle will become pink dashed lines with grab-points on the circumference and in the center. Grab and move these points to change the size and location of your area.Radius Edit

When you are finished editing the points around your area click the Save button next to the Edit Tool.

Additional Filtering

You can choose some additional criteria for your Saved Link, like which MLS from which to pull listings, what property type, price range, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

NOTE: If you have more than one MLS in your account and you choose "All MLSs" you will not be able to include any Advanced Field data as described in the section below.

Click Next Step when you are finished.

Optional - Advanced Link Customization

You can add any advanced field options in this area to further filter the results that will show in this Saved Link. You must know the variable name and value as it appears in a Results page URL string. You can run a test search from your Advanced Search page to get these variables from the URL.

NOTE: Most modern browsers limit the length of URLs. Please be aware that polygon searches with many points and additional search criteria can exceed this limit and lead to inaccurate results.

Step 3 - SEO and Subheader

Here, you can set a custom Page Title, Link URL, and set custom Meta Tags for this unique set of search results. You can also add a Subheader to this page to make it even more unique and engaging (you can add this later if you wish to simply save the link now).

If you have an Office Account, you can also assign an Agent to this link. The assigned agent will receive any new leads that come in as a result of clicking this link.

When you are finished, click on either Save & Create another link or Save & Manage links.

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