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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019 08:10AM PDT


  • Due to changes Facebook has made to their API the Featured Listing tab will only be available to business pages with 2000 or more followers

IDX Broker offers Facebook integration right from your IDX Broker account. Through this feature, you can connect your IDX Broker account to a Facebook business page and show your featured listings right on Facebook. To customize the settings for the IDX Broker Facebook page, click Design -> Website -> Page Templates in your IDX Broker dashboard.



Step 1 - Fetch Facebook Page ID

From this page you may select Edit Preferences in the Facebook page row. There are two tabs that offer customization. To link your IDX Broker account to Facebook, select the Facebook ID tab and enter the web address of your page into the IDX Broker Facebook settings. Simply paste the address and we will look up your Facebook page ID.
Facebook ID

If you do not have a Facebook business page, you can create one via the link "Create a Facebook page first" provided on the IDX Facebook preferences page or by clicking here


  • If your Facebook business page is not published, the IDX Broker system will not be able to locate your Page ID. Your business page cannot use this feature if you have age, country, or other privacy restrictions.
  • IDX Facebook integration will not work with a personal Facebook profile or any page that is not open to the public. A simple way to tell the difference is personal Facebook profiles have “friends” and business Facebook pages have “likes”.

Step 2 - Add the Facebook Page App

After setting your Facebook page ID, you will need to add this app. Simply click 'Link on FB' to enable the IDX Facebook app. You will need to be logged into your Facebook account for this step.

Step 3 - Customize the Facebook Page App

You can customize the Facebook tab icon and name in your Facebook page settings. Read this article on Facebook for instructions. Just like your other IDX Broker pages, Custom CSS and Sub-Headers are available. You can edit the CSS and sub-headers by navigating to Design -> Website in the menu. Facebook is a page level customization in the Other category of Custom CSS and Sub-headers sections.

On the settings tab you may select how many property listings you would like to show per page on Facebook.


  • Adding the Facebook app for IDX Broker creates a new tab on your Facebook business page. In order to use a new version of the Featured Listings tab, you must remove the previous version from your page or you will see 2 tabs for featured listings on Facebook. The previous version doesn't update its display to show the new template without being added to Facebook and adding it creates a separate app id.

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