Migration to Lite FAQ

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015 02:42PM PST

Here are some answers to some common questions regarding upgrading and migrating your IDX Broker Original account to IDX Broker Lite.

Do I need to fill out a new Sign Up application?

No. Since migration moves the settings of your existing account into a new Lite account, the approval process you went through when you first signed up will not need to be repeated. If you wish to migrate your account please do NOT use the 'Sign Up' links on our website. Instead refer to our Steps for Migrating to IDX Broker Lite article.

Do I have to pay a setup fee to migrate to IDX Broker Lite?

No. You do not pay the $99.99 setup fee to migrate to IDX Broker Lite. We waive the setup fee for current IDX Broker Original clients.

Do I pay a different price for monthly services if I migrate?

No. IDX Broker Lite costs the same as IDX Broker Original. Your monthly cost should remain the same.

How long does migration take?

The time to receive your Lite activation email depends on the length of the queue of requests being handled by the support team. This typically takes up to a week. Please inquire with the support team for the present estimation. Once your account has been fully migrated you will receive a setup email that contains your new IDX Broker Lite credentials.

What happens to the information and settings in my Original account?

Many of the settings and information in your Original account are copied into your new Lite account.

Are Migrated:

  • The Global Wrapper
  • All Saved Links
  • All Subheaders
  • All Custom City/County/Zip lists
  • All Leads & Leads' Saved Searches (leads existing at the start of migration)
  • Your billing information and history
  • Your contact details and company information
  • All Users and Offices
  • MLS membership and featured agent/office IDs
  • Global Preferences
  • Supplemental Listings
  • Archived Sold/Pending listings

Are NOT Migrated:

  • Page Wrappers
  • Widgets
  • Custom CSS
  • Control Panel settings that do not function the same way in Lite
  • Traffic Stats
  • Page Subheaders
  • Agent Emails

What happens to my old links?

The links to your IDX tools in Lite are shortened and updated for better SEO. You will need to update any links to the IDX pages on your website. When you get your activation for your Lite account you'll find your new page links in the Pages section. Since the old URLs have already been established on the Internet and likely crawled and indexed by search engines, we don't want you to lose your page ranking by changing those URLs. As part of the migration we set up 301 redirects so that your old pages point to the new ones. This will preserve your page ranking since search engine crawlers will pick up where they left off with the new URLs and not have to start over. Pages other than saved links and IDX Broker default search pages are directed to a proper 404 page.

What happens to my saved results links/landing pages?

Your saved links will be copied into your Lite account, including sub-headers and SEO settings. The URLs for saved links will be optimized, so these will need to be updated in your site as well. In the case of saved links, the change will be predictable enough to update with a find and replace across your site. It's important to note that, because property types are treated differently on Lite, the migrated saved links may not return the same number of results that they did on the original platform. In some cases you may even see duplicates of a saved link. This happens when we are able to determine that a saved link is searching for a property type on the original platform which is broken into multiple property types on Lite.
Saved links that do not have titles will not have page titles when migrated over. You should add titles to each of your saved links prior to migration.
NOTE: We cannot guarantee that all of your saved links will migrated succesfully, so all of your links should be verified after migration.

Why do I need to choose a new Custom Subdomain?

A custom subdomain is a great way to keep the credit for all the indexed IDX pages coming to your primary domain. This feature also exists in Lite. Because part of migration is to deploy 301 redirection on your old links (which maintains your search engine ranking), we need to point the old links to somewhere new; we can't point them back at the same subdomain. This simply means choosing a new word for the custom sub-domain. Example: oldword.yourdomain.com into-> newword.yourdomain.com

If you did not have a custom sub-domain set up on IDX Broker Original but think you'd like to have one on Lite, migration is the best time to tell us about it. If you set up the custom sub-domain after we've already set up the 301 redirects your old links will no longer be forwarded correctly. See this article for more information about changing your cname.

Will there be any down-time on my site?

There should be no down-time for the IDX pages on your site. When you get your Lite activation email this starts the beginning of the 30 day migration period. During this time you'll be able to log into your old Original account at the same time as your new Lite account. The Original pages will stay active and functional throughout this time, giving you time to update the links on your website when you're ready. At the end of the 30 days the Original account will be disabled, so it's a good idea to get your links updated before this period is over.

Do I need a designer to help me?

If you feel confident to change the links in your own website navigation by yourself then you should be able to handle migrating your own account without assistance. If there are other elements, like widgets, that need to be rebuilt and replaced on your site, or if you have any custom CSS in your Original account which will have to be reworked, you may want to consider some help from a designer. If you've put a lot of work into customizing the look and functionality of your tools, a designer is handy.
NOTE: The process of migration is not 100% hands-free; there will be some work to do to get things up and running. The Support Team can assist you if you run into any trouble, but you should be prepared for some tasks on your own.

Will my custom search form still work?

Since IDX Broker Lite uses different form actions, among other things, to make the search pages function, it is likely that your custom search form will not work. You can still create custom search pages hosted on your local site with Lite, the Support Team can answer questions about how to make these work.

Will my iPhone app still work?

The IDX Broker iPhone app, myAgent, is only compatible with IDX Broker Original. IDX Broker Lite features all new Mobile Pages instead. Mobile Pages are compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices, not just iPhones. This means you'll be able to reach more of your mobile-using client base. When any of the IDX pages on your website are viewed by a smartphone or tablet, they are automatically displayed in the mobile friendly versions.

Can I go back to Original?

While we would hope that you are able to use all of the functionality of our Lite product and recognize the value that is provided, occasionally clients do ask to go back to the Original account to which they've become accustomed. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Once your account migrates, the die is cast and we are unable to revert your settings back to the Original account.

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