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Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017 09:24AM PDT
In addition to the detailed property descriptions, IDX Broker provides a photo gallery for each listing. You can make some easy changes to the layout and display of this gallery to better accommodate your visitors.

Enable Enhanced Gallery

One way to clean up your photo gallery and make a drastic change is to enable your Enhanced Photo Gallery. This changes your photo gallery from a grid of photos to a slideshow of all the photos for this property. To affect this change, login to your IDX Broker account and navigate to Designs-->Pages and locate the row labeled Photo Gallery. Select the Edit Preferences link.
edit photo gallery

From this page you can turn on the enhanced gallery and edit the settings.

enhanced photo gallery

Change Template

To further change the look of your photo gallery with either the enhanced or standard gallery, you can change the template.

Navigate to Designs -->Pages in IDX Broker. In the Photo Gallery row, select Edit Page Layout. This will open our standard template selector and you can pick which template you would like to use to draw the Photo Gallery pages.

Just Activate the template you would like to use. You can go back and forth if you don't like the selected template, so feel free to try a new one out.

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