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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019 02:54PM PDT

The IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin includes a popular omnibar search. It can be placed anywhere on your website and allows for a simple search bar to automatically search for properties in your MLS with a single query.
If you don't yet have it, follow these instructions to install the IMPress for IDX plugin.


The omnibar can be added as a shortcode (via the IDX Button when editing posts or pages) or as a widget to a widget area. Make sure you are using the latest version of the IDX Broker WordPress plugin (2.0+) and hit Refresh Plugin Options button under IMPress -> Initial Settings tab. This will pull in data from your specific account.

Omnibar Settings

There are additional settings to be adjusted by visiting IMPress -> Omnibar Settings in your WordPress Dashboard.

Here you will find the following settings:

City, County, and Postal Code Lists

omnibar custom lists

If you have custom city, county, or postal code lists created in IDX Broker, you can apply those lists to your omnibar by choosing them from the drop downs. If you have yet to create these lists, you can create custom city, county, and postal code lists here.

Property Type

omnibar property type

If you want to direct your visitors to a specific property type, say Residential, or Condos, you can set a default property type for your omnibar in this section.

Custom Fields

omnibar custom fields

You no longer need to settle for the core fields like price or city in the omnibar search. Now you can add any additional fields that are available from your MLS. Don't forget to note what fields are available in the Placeholder text below.

Custom Placeholder

Here is the text that shows up before a visitor starts typing in the box. Tell them what to expect in this field. This is especially helpful if you choose to add additional search criteria.

Add to Your Site

Once you have the settings correct for your Omnibar, you need to add it to your page.
Navigate to the page that you would like to add the Omnibar and add via shortcode by selecting the IMPress for IDX Broker icon or by navigating in WordPress to Appearance -> Widgets and dragging your Omnibar widget to the location you would have it appear.

Omnibar FAQ

Why do Address and Listing ID not display in the autocomplete dropdown?
  • There is currently no way to check for street names or listing IDs on the fly, but it will still pull a proper search if the query is correct.

What about other fields such as Price, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc?
  • You can include these fields by checking the box for Extra Fields when putting the widget on your WordPress site. This will include fields such as Maximum Price, Bedrooms, and Bathrooms. You can also include the Minimum Price field by checking the box for Include Min Price, but Extra Fields has to be enabled first.

How does the omnibar work?
  • It pulls Cities, Counties, and Postal Codes via the API when the "Refresh Plugin Options" button is hit. It then writes these to a file. The omnibar on the front end checks if the input matches city, county, or postal code, then checks for spaces. If there are no spaces, it runs a listingID search. If there are spaces, it checks for numbers. If there are numbers, it runs an address search with number and street name. No numbers, runs a search for street name.

Can I add this to my non-WordPress website?
  • Not at this time, but we have developer partners who may be interested in creating a custom search for you. Find a developer, or send a request to developers@idxbroker.com.


My cities, counties, and postal codes are not updating when I hit the Refresh Plugin Options button. How do I get them to update?
  • Cities, Counties, and Postal codes are stored in a JSON file after hitting Refresh Plugin Options. Confirm that your web server has permissions to write to JSON files. Your website host should be able to confirm this.

When I click search, the page refreshes instead of a search being performed.

  • This can happen if you've added custom fields that are already defaults for the OmniBar.
    1. Login to your WordPress admin
    2. Go to IDX IMPress -> Omnibar Settings
    3. If you see any of the fields (City, County, Postal Code, Address, or Listing ID) in the Custom Fields section, remove those items and save changes.
For more information about the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin, read this article.

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