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Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017 10:18AM PDT
In your IDX Broker account you can combine more than one MLS to allow your visitors to search through your entire market. In order to have access to the properties from the MLS the account has to have the approval from the MLS.
MLS Settings

Basic, Listing ID, Address Search

By default, basic searches query all the MLS on your account. This includes your basic search page, as well as the Listing ID and Address searches. You will find no toggle between MLS. A multiple MLS basic search page will search through all the listings of all your MLS in a single query. It automatically searches all the active MLS on your account for core fields, like City, County, Postal Code, Property type, Price, Beds, and Baths. These fields are common to all MLS, allowing a combined search.

Advanced Search

Advanced search fields may only be searched one MLS at a time. Since there is little to no commonality between the Advanced fields of one MLS to the next, a toggle allows a user to select which MLS they wish to search. Advanced fields cannot be searched between multiple MLS, because each MLS has different fields. Some MLS may have a search field for area, while others call this subdivision, or some fields may be only available on a specific MLS.

Map Search

The basic Map Search and Polygon Map Search will display properties from multiple MLS. These searches include the location and only the core fields, as previously noted.

Featured Search

Featured searches pull in all listings for which you are the primary listings agent regardless of MLS.

NOTE: For MLS with non-commingle rules, all results will display separately, in adherence to their rules. Here is an article with additional commingle information.‚Äč

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