Differences in Migrating from Original to Lite

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2017 10:45AM PDT

Migrating from what you are comfortable with to something new can be daunting. Change is hard to do. Moving from IDX Broker original system to Platinum or Lite is more than just upgraded functionality from what you currently enjoy. Migration involves switching entire platforms. With that in mind, here is some information to help you understand the transition.

IDX Search Tools

In the updated platform your site visitors can sort their search results by:
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Square Feet
  • Date Added (newest to oldest/oldest to newest)
  • Price (most expensive to least/least expensive to most)
Pre-set default property sort criteria for your custom searches and saved links. (see more about these features)

Note: These sorting options are specific to property types. For example, land and lot properties, which do not have bedrooms or bathrooms, will not display those sorting options.

Facebook app

  • Display your featured listing results page within your own Facebook Business page. 
  • All links generated by the Facebook app link back to your primary website.
  • All results displayed within Facebook are fully MLS compliant, complete with disclaimer and courtesy information.

SEO Friendly

The URL, title and metatags of each property detail page can be unique and dynamic, allowing for more content pages to be indexed by Google and other search engines. The base url of each IDX page is also shorter for better indexing.

XML Site Maps

The Original IDX only had HTML sitemaps, but Lite and Platinum additionally have XML sitemaps to submit to search engines. The XML sitemap allows search engines to more easily find all of your content to make them available to searchers.


Omni-Bar search has replaced the Wildcard Search in Original.
MyAgent Badge is no longer available, as the iPhone App is not available or necessary in the new platform.
IDX links are now automatically pulled in for your navigation, instead of you selecting the items that you want imported from IDX.
If you used the Lead Signup widget and want to use it in the new system, you will need to migrate to Platinum as this is not available in Lite.
Shortcodes available in the new version for easy widget use.


Agents can no longer delete leads you've assigned to them. Retain your leads by simply reassigning them to other agents.

  • Give delete control to only the agents you want
  • When a lead is unassigned, you'll receive an email
  • Reassign removed leads to other agents

Learn more about your leads with expanded lead notes.

  • See when your leads have logged in, saved searches and properties, and filled out contact forms.
  • You can also view detailed lead traffic stats.

We've enhanced the user experience for your leads by streamlining the lead signup process.

  • Instead of being redirected to sign up on a separate IDX page, the form will pop up in a modal window.
  • After registering, the modal window simply closes, and leads are able to continue browsing listings uninterrupted.

Capture Leads on each Saved Link

  • Control your lead registration preferences per each saved link.
    • Set different force/request lead registration preferences for each saved link.
    • Choose to include a button that allows your visitors to bypass any requested registration form with one click.
    • Turn registration sign up forms on or off for each saved link you create.

School Data

Opt-in to school data resources, triggered by the zipcode of the listing being viewed.* Give your visitors public and private school ratings

*This feature may not be available in all areas.

Build Your Niche

Custom property type labels were available in your Original account. This is now a premium feature that is not available in Lite, but is available if you upgrade to Platinum.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Original IDX Broker system was built when mobile Internet was still in it's infancy. Mobile functionality was limited. The new system has been built with mobile as a priority and includes the following functionality to promote your listings on mobile devices.

Mobile First Templates
Responsive Ready Mobile Pages
Mobile CSS
Mobile Redirects
Search Properties on any Mobile Device
Mobile Friendly IDX Widgets

Customize Your IDX Search

Detail page customization

  • Expanded power to choose and edit what fields you wish to display on any property's details page.
  • Click and drag from our word bank of available fields to your Basic or Advanced Features container.
  • Organize and itemize your search criteria.
Wrapper Cache
  • Dynamic wrappers cache to improve page load times.
  • Your IDX search results will load swiftly with this new caching feature in place!
  • Simply click the "Clear Wrapper Cache" button in your account if you need to see immediate changes in the dynamic wrapper on your IDX pages.

Additional Custom City List Options

  • Create multiple custom city, county, and zip code lists.
  • Give your lists custom names like "Portland Area" or "Downtown."
  • Apply your custom city lists to your standard or custom IDX search pages.

Set a Map Location

  • Drag and drop a pin on your map to set location.

Access the essential information right from your Pages and Saved Links lists:

  • Click to expand each page type/saved link and see information such as:

    • Wrapper/CSS/Subheader Information (Which type of wrapper is applied to this page, what kind of CSS this page uses, the subheader on this page)

    • City/County/Zip Code Types (Whether this page is filtered using your default or dynamic lists)

    • Template Information (The applied template and if that template version is up to date)

  • From here you can click to edit your page wrapper, css and subheader quickly and conveniently.
If you have multiple MLS you can set the primary MLS for the searches in Original and Platinum, but this is not a feature in Lite.


The widget options in our Original system were limited. The expanded offering of widgets in the Lite version include the following.

Set Global Target for Widget Links

Ability to Create Multiple Widgets (Saving to Control Panel)

Edit Existing Widgets

Feature Agent Listings Showcase (Team/Office Account Only)

Widget Manager

Carousel Widget

Even more widgets are available in our Platinum product.

Featured Listings Manager

IDX Broker's new Featured ID's manager allows you to:

  • Select which agent ID to use for Featured Listings based on your account level.
  • No need to call the IDX support team each time you need to make a change to your agent ID's, you can now manage this yourself!
  • Your Featured ID's management page will be pre-populated with the agent ID's associated with your office ID.
  • Simply select the agent ID's you would like to use for Featured Listings, save and you are good to go!

Create Your Own Search Forms

You can customize your search forms to assist your visitors in finding the perfect property. New features in Lite and Platinum include the ability to filter by whether a property has a Virtual Tour, Open House,  or Image. You can also have the search only pull from your featured listings. Go a step further and set defaults for your advanced fields, or even hide the options to focus the search even further.

Manage an Office

Manage your existing agents and attract new ones with features available in the new platform.
Showcase Individual Agent Listings
Agent/Office Details Export and Saved Reports

Manage Your Account

It's easier than ever to see and manage the settings in your IDX Broker account.
Upgrade or downgrade your account at any time with the upgrade center. Any price changes will be prorated and show up in your next billing.
All emails sent out from IDX Broker on your behalf are now stored in the Message Center for you to easily track correspondence and email updates.
Add and remove the contacts on your account. Now you can add your designer or switch out the office manager contact information right from your IDX account.

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