How to Display Additional Sold Listings

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2016 09:06AM PDT
From the time that a featured ID is set in your account, IDX Broker will begin keeping track of status changes on all of your featured properties. In this way you are able to display some of your sold properties as archived data, without the benefit of Sold property data from the MLS.

All listings marked as Sold or Pending in IDX Broker are displayed on the Sold/Pending page. This link can be located by visiting Designs->Pages.

If you wish to display all of your previous sold data you may have to add these listings as supplemental properties.

To add a Supplemental listing to your account click on the Listings button, Supplemental in the submenu, and Create in the drop-down menu.

Supplemental Navigation

Here is a form to enter in details about your listing. Choose options in both the Select MLS and Select Property Type fields. Once these options are chosen, fill out any other information about the listing.

Select Sold in the Status dropdown to ensure that this property displays on your Sold/Pending page.

sold status

Once you've entered all of the listing data, click Add Property. From the Supplemental page you can select the camera icon to add images to your property.

Now that you've added in sold properties as supplemental, you can find them in your sold/pending listings IDX Broker page. For additional information about how IDX Broker handles archived listings that are not pulled from the MLS, read this article.

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