Enable HTTPS or SSL on Your IDX Site

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019 08:11AM PDT

If you have a security certificate on your real estate website and would like your widgets and IDX pages to be compatible, you must enable HTTPS/SSL in your IDX Broker account.


First, sign into your IDX Broker account and navigate to Account -> Details.



Under "Enable HTTPS", click the radio button ON to allow IDX Broker to create an SSL certificate for your IDX Broker pages.

Once enabled, a message will appear indicating a successful initiation. HTTPS on the default domain is instant, but please be patient while we get a certificate in place for a custom domain, as this can take several minutes. Once the certificate is procured, you will receive an additional confirmation message in your IDX Broker account.


Now that SSL is enabled on your IDX Broker pages, please double check that all of your widgets, wrappers, and links are HTTPS compliant. The best way to do this on a static wrapper is to use // instead of https:// or http://. Or, if you are using the dynamic wrapper created in WordPress, add HTTPS in WordPress -> Settings -> General -> Site Address(URL).

If you are redirecting HTTP to HTTPS outside of IDX Broker, you will need to toggle the IDX Broker internal redirects off with the radio button that appears after HTTPS in enabled in IDX Broker.

HTTPS redirect toggle


  • Depending on your MLS, the images may not be served from HTTPS. In this case browsers may display a mixed content warning.
  • For a list of MLS's that we currently have active with HTTPS images, visit this article.
  • If you change domains you will need to disable your certificate, update your domain through our MLS team and re-enable your new custom domain before turning HTTPS back on in IDX Broker. This will take 24 hours.
  • HTTPS is not an SEO super boost. Good quality content and SEO best practices should be upheld to increase search engine ranking. For some recommendations to increase your SEO within IDX Broker, please view this article.
  • Upon disabling, it will take 24 hours to be able to turn SSL back on.
  • Please be aware that any sites that have additional caching will require that cache to be purged before widgets update.

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